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The Imperative


Discover how to move from dissatisfaction and suffering to joy, contentedness, and peace. The Imperative Habit details the seven habits that changed David’s life


7 Non-Spiritual Practices Towards Spiritual Behavior - For Happiness, Health, Love and Success


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I’m Dave Rossi

The motivational speaker, personal, business, and achievement coach.


Have you ever woken up thinking, it’s time?

For the past two decades, many people have referred to me as a huge “success.” I was a co-owner of two large, profitable companies in Silicon Valley with sales at times near $40 Million per year.

However, somehow I felt superficial and not fulfilled. I viewed that unhappiness as just another struggle to overcome. My life then changed in dramatic ways. My childhood and best friend growing up, suddenly died in an accident. This devastating loss was irreplaceable and heart-wrenching. In an effort to “take-on” more and more of my struggles, I tried getting in shape by running and working out harder, but yet, my past college football injury re-occurred. The new injury paralyzed me for almost two weeks until I got an epidural shot in my spine. I was told I needed have to back surgery.



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By practicing the steps of the Imperative Habit, you can:

  • Leave behind old beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Deconstruct self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Develop self-awareness and consciousness
  • Create new goals in alignment with your true self
  • Make conscious choices to drive yourself toward your goals
  • Live a happy, joyful, fulfilling, and meaningful life, as you are meant to live 
  • When you follow the steps in The Imperative Habit, just like David, you too can make authentic happiness your true north.




The Imperative

David Rossi was a man who had it all—his own business with annual sales close to $40 million, a beautiful wife, children, a big house, vacation homes, cars, boats, private schools for the kids, and exotic vacations for the family.
Only one thing was missing: happiness. It was only after David’s life fell apart—he lost his business, his marriage, and his best friend—that he took a leap of faith and went on an earnest search for happiness. What happened? David transformed his life. He found lasting happiness.
David wrote The Imperative Habit, so you too can move from dissatisfaction and suffering to joy, contentedness, and peace. The Imperative Habit details the seven habits that changed David’s life. In this book, you learn how to shed old beliefs and make new ones, and how to practice and form habits, create growth, and eventually experience real transformation.




How does one apply Spirituality and Spiritual Behavior into a practice to enhance our own lives? 

David Rossi learned a definition of happiness growing up in the grotesque wealth and golden handcuffs of Silicon Valley. Was what he learned a definition that provided true stability, sustainability, and everlasting internal happiness?  No. While this talented hardworking man set out to collect the trappings of success, he did everything but just that.  Along the way, David amassed substantive wealth, a company, a beautiful wife, three kids, a big house, boats and vacation homes. But he also picked up depression, anxiety, poor health, high blood pressure and eventually lost it all, including the death of his best friend dying, fighting among his family, and a disabling injury requiring back surgery.

The losses in his life offered the kind of suffering that eventually turned into contemplation and motivation for change. David explored all realms of possibilities towards finding true everlasting happiness. His goal to apply these lessons to his life.  As he engrossed himself in a multitude of self-help books, philosophers and spiritual teachers, he found wisdom, consciousness and answers.

What David discover is that the wisdom he collected needed a practice.  The Imperative Habit is the practice of applying the teachings he learned.  Some lessons from texts are 100s or even 1000s of years old. David turned these lessons into the Imperative Habit to turn his life around.  And now he has found and lives with sustainable, internal happiness. The book is a ‘How to” towards transforming your own life from wherever it is into more. 

The lessons work, the practice solidifies them, and the application of these practices are endless towards Happiness, Health, Love, and Success.




Dave Rossi is such a special person. He’s brave, kind, and perhaps most importantly, the most selfless person I know. He has endured the greatest of transformations one can go through as a man on earth and now is sharing his experience, learnings, and reliable love with the rest of us. I trust him with every part of my being, most important of which is my head and heart. He helps me every single day, and if you’re lucky enough to meet him, he never runs out of the ability to share his spirit.

Dave is the epitome of an example of how you can transform your life for the better, forever.

Betsy McHugh
Founder & CEO

Dave is an engaging and insightful speaker for anyone looking to get on and stay on the right track. He brings a down to earth message about the complex process of human change/self-improvement.

Brian Crane
Vice President / Managing Partner
Intero Real Estate

David is one of the most remarkable people who not only lived through a challenging experience, but delivers a heartfelt conviction of the positive effects from growing personally. His message of acknowledging, and then, detaching from your ego has allowed me a greater perspective on my life’s path.

David and I share similar experiences in achievements and failures, but what makes David is refreshing is his ability to articulate and actualize his experiences into concepts that have changed my perspective on life. His belief in detaching from our ego and being aware of your authenticity hits a personal chord with anyone who is struggling to find answers.

Scott Setterlund
Former Football Player
Dallas Cowboys

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